Our full story

Vootiro is a new startup web hosting company based in Berlin, Germany. With great people working on the company, loving what they do, your personal or business website it's in great hands. But why did we decided to start a new company? We've been in love with web hosting and CMS platforms for as long as we can remember, and having difficult time to find a great web hosting company with cheap and reliable solutions, we've made the decision to start our own Web Hosting Solutions service.

For the past a few years, we've been working with some great people, keeping their business and personal websites safe and secure, and we still provide them with great web hosting solutions that have almost zero downtime. But we needed to get bigger and reach more people, and in order to do that, we had to get bigger. So we started creating Vootiro, a new startup company that we would use to provide more services and solutions for people who needed them.

And now we are happy that we made that choise!

Passion to serve with excellence

Vootiro provides only the necessary plans and services for people who are interested in creating a new website, or migrating their current live website to our servers. We focus on what's actually matter, rather than providing a huge variety of services and tools that no one really understands. What you need is what we have. It's simple as that.

Are searching for ultra fast web servers or managed hosting plans? We got you! Are you interested in migrating your blog from Google's Blogger into WordPress? We have the tools and people to do that for you, the right way. Maybe thinking of re-designing your current website? Or improve your website's UX-Design? Let us do that hard work, while you focus on what's matter, your content and your clients.

We also provide security and fixes support for websites and servers. If you got hacked, or you think that your website has a malware or a virus, we can easily clean it up. If you just want to make sure that your website is fully safe and secure, we can also do a Security Check. SSL Certificates fixes and installation are also included.

Our services
We focus on what's really matters, providing only the best services available.