You hear that right! Vootiro provides a variety of web hosting plans and it’s our job to make them all upgradeable so you can start upgrading while your website gets bigger and bigger with time. Let’s say that you’ve choose the smallest WordPress hosting plan and now you want more disk space, more speed and even the premium WordPress tools that we include with the biggest plans.

As of now, the only way you can upgrade your Hosting Plan is by contacting us. That's going to change in the next couple of months, as we're getting ready to update user's Control Panel with more options, including having your own option to upgrade your plan by simple selecting more disk space, bandwidth, etc., while checking the cost.

If you want to upgrade your Hosting Plan, please open a new support ticket, and let us know how much more disk space or bandwidth you want, and we will let you know about the extra monthly cost.


Sunday, February 10, 2019

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