Wordpress, Theme and CMS Customization
We will optimize your WordPress installation and make sure that all settings are properly configured. If you want to make any changes on your Theme, we can also help you by making any changes you may want, or add more code in your theme's CSS files to change the design, colors, and feel.
Linux Server & Website Migration
Looking at Vootiro's web hosting plans? We got you covered! We will transfer your whole website to our servers. You can sit and relax, while we do the hard work for you. Domain names are also included. If you running a blog on Google's Blogger platform, we can also transfer everything from Blogspot to WordPress in the blink of an eye.
Linux Server Tuning & Optimization
Every server needs great tuning and optimization. All the settings must be properly configured so you can enjoy a fast, secure and stable server. But optimizing and tuning a server is not an easy task, it needs a lot of work, tests, and you may experience many errors and failures. Our team can do everything for you. Just check all the websites running in our servers.
SEO & Social Optimization
If you want to build an audience and you hate the idea of working at your website's SEO or Social optimization, our team can take all the hard stuff from your hands. Faster website, better SEO, modern Social optimization techniques and a result of hitting the first pages in search engines.
Style, CSS Fix
If you got bored of the same old design, our team can add all the necessary code to make it new and fresh again. If you experience any problems with your website's design, we can fix that too for you. Styling and CSS fixing is our expertise, we using CSS for almost anything so we are very familiar with it.