Wordpress Security Check
We fully check and scan your whole WordPress website, business or personal, including all the themes and plugins, and if we find anything suspicious or any bad coding, malware, or even security holes that may lead into a hacked website, we will let you know as soon as possible, by giving you a report of your WordPress website's health.
Malware & Virus Removal
If you believe that your website has been hacked or there are viruses, malware or spyware, our security team will scan your whole server and make sure that everything has been cleaned and the website is safe and secure again. We will also install a few plugins / services to make help you avoid being hacked in the future.
Firewall & Advanced Security
Every server needs a great deal of optimization for the fullest advanced security, and here at Vootiro, we have the people that can secure any server better than anyone. We will configure your server's settings and services and we will make sure that the Firewall is working at it's highest.
Recover Hacked Wordpress
If your website is hacked and you want to recover it, Vootiro's expert will do the trick. Most of the hacked websites can me fully recovered, including most of the files and the work you've done. If the recovery is successful, we will take all the necessary precautions to avoid being hacked again in the future.
SSL Certificate Fix Issues & Installation
Nowdays SSL is a must-have feature for any website, small or big, personal or business. Google also prefers websites using SSL certificates. But installing an SSL certificate won't fix all the problems. Our team will ensure that your SSL certificate, free or premium, is installed the right way, and we will any problems that HTTPS may caused. We will also make all the right options for your blog so it can automatically redirect every user from HTTP to HTTPS.